DO NOT - apologise for the condition of your home.
DO NOT - be drawn into any discussion with a potential buyer or allow them to enter the property without a registered Real Estate Representative. If they knock on your door or request entry or information, ask them to contact your agent.
DO - keep in contact with your agent - notify any change of personal circumstances, which could affect the sale of your home.
DO - put your valuables in a safe place out of sight.
DO - turn on lights, draw curtains, turn off television when prospective buyers are expected to arrive.
DO - be courteous and co-operative to sub-agents if they request right of inspection - their Buyer may be the one we’ve been looking for.
DO - discuss your thoughts of your intent to purchase or finance of replacement property or rental with your agent.
PLEASE BE AWARE - that if you go wandering in search of a replacement property without your agent, you are almost certainly preventing him/her from assisting you to the fullest.
PLEASE BE AWARE - that although every care is taken to safeguard your valuables at all times you should notify your insurance company that the property is on the market. We are totally committed to giving you the best possible personal service and obtaining the best possible price in the shortest possible time.



If you were selling a car, you'd make sure it was spruced and tidy, to give you the best chance of getting the best price, right? Similarly, when you want to sell your home, be prepared for your normal living pattern to be disrupted only for a while - your home needs to be transformed into a showpiece, purely to attract the best buyers. A tiny effort is all you need, for your home to be sold quickly, and at a price to your liking. The following suggestions have proved invaluable to home owners; and, are worthy of special consideration. Style your home for sale – in today's market it is imperative your property stands out from the crowd.  If your property is vacant it is well worth the cost to “dress” your home using hire furniture and accessories.  Visit display homes for inspiration or best of all call in the professionals. Call us – we have alliances with many Perth based decorators and furniture hire organisations.

Review your competition - Visit home opens in your area, if you want your home to stand out from the crowd, then you need to know what the competition is offering. We do this to help your shoot stand out before we arrive!

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions - The entrance greets the prospective buyer. Therefore, it helps, if the area is neat, clean and welcoming. Make prospective buyers inclined to want to enter.

Cleanliness is Paramount - Doors, windows/sills, woodwork, as well as all areas in full view, need to be clean and tidy. If need be, have carpets and curtains professionally cleaned. Its money well spent.

Tidiness - Prospective buyers tend to look inside closets and cupboards. Neat, well ordered shelves show that space in your home is ample. Avoid cluttered kitchens or bathrooms, as these rooms can clinch a sale.  Clean out a cluttered garage, or bedroom closet - this may be a good time to throw out unwanted junk, in preparation for the move to a new home!

Minor Flaws - Dripping taps, loose door knobs, sticking doors and windows etc. detract from the value of a home that is up for sale.

Odours and Vapours - Buyers have sensitive noses and will pick up lingering smells that you don't notice any more, namely, pets, tobacco, etc. So avoid leaving used ashtrays around and keep your pet's food, bedding and toilet areas clean.

Neat Yard Areas - Even if you are not the green thumb type, your home will present better if the grounds are neat and clean, shrubs trimmed and lawns edged. This extends to the nature strip.

Decorate, For A Quick Sale - Shabby walls, door frames, gutters etc., reduce appeal. Why try to tell the prospective buyer how your home could look, when you can show him/her by touching up these areas yourself. No doubt, the teenager of the house loves wall posters; but chances are that a prospective buyer may not. Pack away early, and remove any traces from walls.

Home Opens - Spring clean your property prior to your first open day – and ensure your property is cleaned again before each open day.

Be prepared to show the Property at ALL Times - The prospect you turn away may be your buyer.

Please help us to help you.



In our efforts to constantly improve the service we give to our valued clients, we have created some guidelines and standards to ensure the photographing and presentation of your home is of the highest quality.


Calendars can date shots – Please remove.

Ensure all toilet seats are placed down.

Remove wires, cords and leads from view.

Open blinds, curtains and roller shutters to allow natural light in and turn lights and lamps on.

Turn all televisions off.

Remove any clothes, shoes or other belongings away from view.

Remove small appliances and cutlery from tables and benches.

Make sure beds are made, wardrobes and cupboard doors are closed.

Remove magnets and photos from the front of the refrigerator.

Bathroom vanities to be cleared of all personal items.


Remove hoses and any garden tools (including shovels and wheel barrows) away from view.

Ensure there are no clothes hanging on clothes lines.

Ensure lawns and gardens are neat and tidy (may need to reschedule if lawn mowing required).

Pathways to be swept and raked prior to appointment.

Wheelie' bins and garden waste outlets are to be out of sight.

All vehicles to be removed from garages, carports, driveways and verges.

Any unsightly machinery or cars on property may need removal before photoshoot.

Kreepy Krawley' not to be seen and pool covers are to be taken off.