“Hi John,
Just thought I’d let you know it’s a pleasure to able to deal with people like you and Siobhan.
I think these days in the business world (big business and small), there are too many robot/trained monkey types. From the basic customer service level to senior management level, initiative seems to be frowned on. Even if it makes sense for the business, we can’t deal with you if you don’t fit in the same box as 99% of people.
If the question is non routine we can’t deal with it.
Even if we had initiative someone higher up would probably kick us up the butt if they didn’t agree with what we did. I suspect that’s why I’m with you and not Torrens,
I didn’t fit into their standard box. The same reason I’m not with a couple of other agents who over the years chased me for a sale but won’t get a look in now.

From one of our longest serving clients, since 2002
Frank Bakker
Owner of a Rental Property

John Barndon

“I should have really gotten into properties a long time ago, but it’s never too late, this is my first one outside of my home in Bunbury.

Recently I was shocked to learn that I am going to need well over a million dollars to retire comfortably and not depend on social security, I certainly can’t make that kind of money with my own hands, no way.

So, safe long term property investment is my realistic solution.

I was introduced by my finance broker to the lads at Lot 8, and they really made it easy for me to partner with them, in their properties built by Ventura.

From my first contact with them, everything was explained to me in a clear and friendly manner, they gave me a fixed priced investment with absolutely no surprise extras at the end, definitely no gotchas!

Their house and land investments are first class in quality, and are very easy to rent.

I even choose to live in mine for a few days just for the fun of it, before I rented it out, that’s how much I liked it.

Thanks to all at Lot 8 who have been there with me from the start, all the way to the finish.

Great service guys, and guess what they are even managing the property for me now, how good is that.

Look forward to the next property purchase in 2016.

– Robert Parsons - Australia Day Perth January 2015”

Bryan Fencott

“I am a beginner and new at property investment.
Great work by all the team at Lot 8, they have been with me all of the away, Robert assisted me from the beginning at choosing the block then preparing the plans, getting the building approvals, deciding on all of the materials and white goods to finish the internal of the house. Then there was the landscaping, paving and all those little things to get it ready for renting.
Onsite I met Christian who will look after the rental management and provide oversight of my investment – I felt really safe,
On top of that, when I did the final inspection of the house the standard of finish was excellent – what a great investment – how good is that!
It was easy, job well done”

Bryan Fencott

“Industrial Sales & Leasing

“David has assisted us in both sales and leasing of our industrial properties. We have found him to be both knowledgeable and professional in all his dealings and above all, David got us the results we wanted when we wanted them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David for commercial property sales or leasing”. - Warwick Cluff, MD, Dingo Engineering

Retail / Commercial Sales & Leasing

"We met David while considering our first commercial property purchase. Not knowing a lot about commercial realestate we entrusted David to guide us through the process. We found him to be a great communicator, honest and reliable. We thank David for his patience and professionalism." - Alicia & Karl, Property Investors

Project Marketing

“David was appointed as the sole commercial agent on AFG Property’s Richmond Quarter development in East Fremantle in mid-July of 2013. David has been very successful. I find David to be very personable, professional and proactive in his approach to selling. He is well informed and thoroughly researches target markets to provide the best possible ROI for the client’s marketing spend. I would happily recommend David to any prospective party looking to engage a successful commercial agent on their project.” - Andrew Willis, Property Development Advisor, AFG Property

David Lightfoot