Does your home have hidden qualities?

Many home sellers forget that their home is more than meets the buyer’s eye. They no longer remember that behind the smart décor there is attention to detail and quality workmanship. But these features often cost a lot even though they aren’t immediately apparent to buyers. Could they add value to a home?

Most buyers like to take their time to compare properties for sale before making a decision, so making sure your agent has access to information about even the improvements that aren’t obvious and visible may not only add dollars to the price of your home, but also determine a purchaser’s choice in favour of your property over the one round the corner. There are very few buyers who don’t gravitate to good workmanship or attention to detail in maintenance. It’s true that in a very active market, buyers often make their decisions based only on a quick analysis of the major features of the home; they don’t have the time to pay attention to detail because they will lose the property to a buyer who is prepared to move faster. When the market slows down, however, they have a lot more time to be fussy about even the smallest details in the effort to ensure they are making a good buy.

Hidden improvements can include things like insulation, sound-proofing, plumbing and electrical work, soil improvement and so on. Buyers often use this kind of information simply to help them to confirm their soundness of their choice; the quality of the maintenance and attention to detail makes them feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that their choice is a sound one.

Most agents will prompt sellers to tell them about the improvements they have made over the years, but it is a good idea to have a list ready for the agent’s very first visit, in case you forget something. It also helps the agent to accurately appraise the value of the property in the first place.